Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New York Omelette

Hello from New York and from a long hiatus! 

It's been another crazy couple of months, filled with new spaces and new adventures. My last post in January was supposed to break my holiday hiatus but then I don't know what happened. The blogging stopped. Now here I am, mostly settled in New York, and restarting anew! 

On my own again I had to rediscover what I like to eat. If there's any essential that is always in my fridge, it's eggs. I can never go wrong with eggs. Even my last posted meal was eggs. Even when I do go wrong with eggs, I succeed! 

For example - I decided the other morning to make an omelette. Instead of turning into a beautiful fluffy creation it wound up a scrambled mess. It was a delicious mess, but it was a mess nonetheless - and not an omelette either. 

So this time I Googled a simple omelette recipe and found one on Epicurious. It was easy to follow and turned out some great results. I was even able to pull off the magic "roll onto the plate from the pan" trick. 

The secret, I think, is coating the pan with butter and having a little patience to let the eggs cook. 

I filled the omelette with sweet onion, tomatoes and broccoli and sprinkled it with Wisconsin white cheddar. 

It was so delicious and too big to eat in one sitting!

I will definitely use this recipe again.

What do you like in your omelettes?

(It's good to be back!)

Happy munching!