Saturday, January 17, 2015

So Fancy for my French Friends

Happy New Year!

Things got a little crazy around the holidays, so I took a break from blogging. Now I'm cooking for me and my fellow volunteer, Isadora, so it's time to get back to the blog.

This dish is the kind of simple thing that I love to cook and eat. It was so easy! Saute onions and add greens, make wells for the eggs, crack in the eggs, cover and cook for 4-7 minutes until they're done to your liking. Then eat!

The recipe was from an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe, which makes me feel very fancy! 

It's a very pretty and fresh looking meal. We ate it with baguette and butter, naturally. The only thing missing was mimosas! 

I'll definitely be making this again. Who knew I liked over-easy eggs? 

How do you like your eggs? (We watched Runaway Bride afterwards, and I always think of eggs because Maggie finally discovers that she likes hers Benedict Arnold style.) 

Happy Munching! 

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